These pages record the Artefacts held by the Redditch Local History Society.  These artefacts fall into 3 categories:

Donated Artefacts

When any artefact is donated to the society the donator is considered as the source of that artefact.

Such artefacts will be considered as “on-loan” to the society i.e. still owned by the donator unless recorded as  a “no-condition donation” when they are now owned by the society. Donated artefacts may be held by any member of the society, but must be available to other members to review or use in their research on request.

Research Projects

This register records research carried out by a member of the society using both society source material and non-society source material.

The research content remains owned by the researcher unless the researcher chooses to donate it to the society when it becomes owned by the society and is then treated as such. Contact the researcher for more details.

Output Artefacts

An output artefact may be created specifically for a defined use such as an exhibition or may be created as an on-spec output artefact. All sources used in creating output should be acknowledged. Where the content or format of the output is unchanged from the source it remains a donated artefact. When the output content or format has been changed from the source, or contains content and/or format created by the researcher, then the output is considered as a new  artefact.

Where output has been created for a specific event then that output will be assumed to be the property of the society unless the author declares conditions on its use.

Where output has be created on-spec it remains the property of the author unless the author chooses to donate it to the society, or allows others to use it for specified purposes. Contact the author for more details.

Revision History

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If you have information, photographs or artefacts relating to the history of Redditch and would like to donate them to our archives please contact the society archivist at or phone 01527 404365